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2009 news so far....

Amazingly, thousands of people have been trained, inspired and ministered to at events I have been invited to speak at since January 1 of 2009 when I began to serve as Director of National Initiatives for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association of Canada (http://www.billygraham.ca/). The travel schedule has been intense, with some months finding me home for just a few days only to have to pack and leave again, but the opportunities the Lord has opened are quite amazing! The response to the conferences and seminars has been greatly encouraging.

Here is what John Pellow, Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Council of Christan Charities (http://www.cccc.org/), had to say about my presentation at their national conference: "You brought energy, passion and contagious enthusiasm to the topic and modeled what you were teaching. You more than met my expectations and hopes ... the audience clearly thought so too".

Some of my future speaking engagements: On May 1-2 I will be in Calgary speaking at Centre Street Church for the "Cross the Street: Engaging your Community with Authentic Faith" (http://www.billygraham.ca/Ministries/CrossStreet.aspx), a successful evangelism conference for Pastors and lay people that we created some years ago. Other plenary speakers include Eric Swanson, author of "The Externally Focused Church" (http://ericswanson.blogspot.com/), Henry Schorr, Senior Pastor of Centre Street Church (http://www.cschurch.ca/), Claude Houde of "NouvelleVie" (http://www.nouvellevie.com/), plus many significant seminar presenters. In May I will have the honour of being in Ottawa to speak at the 100th birthday party for Bev Shea (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Beverly_Shea). Other events worth highlighting include speaking at the Billy Graham School of Evangelism; running six "REconneXions: Igniting your Community Influence" seminars in Ontario and the Maritimes; Intercultural Symposiums in eight cities across Canada. This fall I have been asked to do evangelism training for Christians across BC in preparation for the Olympics. They will be held in six (or more) venues in the lower mainland of BC and the organizers anticipate us training over 5000 people.

We are now booking speaking engagements for 2010, so if you think I can be of help to any group you know, please have them contact me for topics and available dates at dmacfarlane@samaritan.org or call 519 503 8380.

On the family front we are all doing well. Diana is looking to cut down her work schedule so as to be able to travel with David whenever she can as well as visit her granddaughter in Alberta. Tyler and Susan in Lethbridge continue to be happy parents of little Abby who is 7 months old. Matthew and Heather are expecting their first baby in October. Tory is finishing her second year studies in Global Studies at Wilfred Laurier.

Wishing you every blessing,

David and Diana Macfarlane
Cell 519 503 8380
e-mail: arrol.mac@hotmail.com

Bio and Topics by David Arrol Macfarlane

About David Arrol Macfarlane, the Director of National Initiatives for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association of Canada:
David is a humorous and engaging speaker, trainer and motivator who has spent over two decades on the front lines of ministry through local Canadian churches that have grown to beyond 1200 and 1500 in regular weekend attendance through prayerful strategic outreach. David’s inspiring, informative, practical and surprisingly humorous presentations have become popular with organizations, denominations and congregations who value relevance, church health and a desire to “engage their world”. David and his wife Diana have three grown daughters.
To book David Macfarlane for your speaking engagements contact him at arrol.mac@hotmail.com or call 519 503 8380.

Speaking History
David preaches regularly in churches such as The Peoples Church (Toronto); Centre Street (Calgary); Glad Tidings (Moncton); Calvary Church (Vancouver); Church of the Rock (Winnipeg); Evangel Temple (North York); Gateway (Lethbridge); and Maranatha (Kingston). As a conference speaker David has participated at the SERVE leadership conference at Briercrest Bible College and Seminary; various Missionfests; Cross the Street; Ignite the Light; EQUIP; and many events held by city-church networks; Samaritan’s Purse; EMAS (medical doctors); CNCF; The Church Army and others. David also speaks at many denominational conventions and events for the Christian and Missionary Alliance; Apostolic Church of Pentecost; Mennonite Brethren, Life Links; Salvation Army; Anglican; the Fellowship of Christian Assemblies and many others. In addition David is a frequent guest on numerous television programs (100 Huntley Street; Night Line; It’s a New Day, etc.) and radio programs (The Drew Marshall Show, etc.).

What David Macfarlane Speaks about:
Creating Community-Impacting Churches (series)
New times require new ways of thinking: A practical four part seminar that offers tools, ideas plus inspiration so help any congregation to look “outward” in fresh new ways. These messages can also be given individually.
Stirring Passion for impacting a community: Reignite passion for community transformation which begins with motive and motivation. David shares some practical steps for helping others see the harvest opportunities with their heart as well as their mind.
Shaping a Strategy for impacting a community: Seven practical and helpful biblical steps for refocusing a good ministry to take it to the next level.
Sparking Imagination for impacting a community: Igniting the Creative process to find bold, innovative “out of the box” thinking strategies. David will share how to “Idea Blast” and use “grids” to help you find new ways for outreach within your context plus talk about methods that are being effective in Canada today
Spiritual Shifts for impacting a community: A clarion call about present and future trends that will influence our effectiveness as Christians in Canada and the opportunities that each of them bring. What the community impacting churches of the future might look like. The most important activity during fast change is to keep moving forward.

Keynote Messages

With a focus on Scriptural motivation using humour, David is able to talk on a wide number of topics to encourage people to live "sold out for Christ".

Live, Laugh, Live! In this engaging, thought-provoking and surprisingly humorous message from his experiences as a rower and from Philippians David shares a unique perspective on living a rewarding and impact-ful life.

Powered by a Passion for God from Romans 12 is one of David’s most popular talks. This challenging yet humorous and warm hearted presentation explains why having a genuine passion for God is the way to go and gives six practical keys to regain our enthusiasm and live Full Throttle for God.

Living to Leave a Legacy from the book of Jonah we learn how God is already at work all around us even when we are not aware of it and how He specializes in using imperfect people to do great things.

Neighbour – God loves you! From Luke 15 we see how God loves those around us as much as He loves us who know Him. This powerful truth has the power to change our perception of our “world” and ministry and birthin us a desire to become even more effective for Christ.

The Harvest is Ripe from John 4 is a message of great hope for our times. Here David presents seven inspiring and practical steps that form a compelling challenge to never lose our focus and release and explosion of enthusiasm of hope that will be absolutely contagious. The message is simple, clear, easy to grasp – yet profound.

Celebrating Friendship! Researchers tell us that above all other values friends are # 1 today. Here is a message that is ideal for everyone to invite their friends to hear as it is all about the importance of friendship and how we need to honour them! “Celebrating Friendship” is a hilarious talk that includes considering the claims of Christ to become His friend.

The Power in our Arms from Exodus 17 is about God’s wonderful invitation to us to combine prayer plus action. This message provides audiences with practical instruction and a renewed sense of the power of prayer, what is really important and insight into how we can live our lives today so we may look back years from now with a sense of deep joy and satisfaction.

Flexi Leadership: An entertaining yet highly instructive message on leadership lessons learned on staying flexible in ministry. In this humorous talk David shares from his heart principles, insight and survival skills learned “in the trenches” as a pastor of growing Canadian churches. Don’t forget to laugh!
Totally Engaged Volunteers: Our success often hinges on our ability to attract, retain and motivate world class people who radically love the Lord and the local church. This seminar offers tips on how to mobilize, empower and help people grow in their natural strengths to become your best volunteers.
Mobilizing Enthusiastic Volunteers: Great ministries have a people first philosophy. How to clarify and raise personal standards, focus clearly on your mission, adopt new empowering beliefs and integrate simple strategies that will lead to enthusiastic and fulfilled volunteers. Revisit job descriptions, inspiring contracts for volunteers, accountability and training so as to attract and keep the best workers.
Finding Balance in times of stress: Finding that there are not enough hours in a day for all that you need to do? David shares lessons from his painful burnout experience when leading a growing and “successful” congregation. This is a very “real” talk on how important it is to look for balance in your personal life and ministry if you are to survive and thrive!
Evangelism for our times. As a Pastor and practitioner for over two decades in the area of evangelism and discipleship David has many practical, relevant and inspirational messages and seminars on this important theme.

David and Diana Macfarlane
Cell 519 503 8380
e-mail: arrol.mac@hotmail.com

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