Sunday, December 6, 2009

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas from the Macfarlane family!

2009 has been a great year for us with many highlights, good memories and lots of new experiences. We have so much to thank the Lord for! We feel specially blessed to have so many wonderful friends across the country!

Personal: This year Matthew and Heather saw the birth of their first child Ava; Tyler and Susan with little Abby flew from their home in Lethbridge to vacation with us in Florida; Tory is doing very well and is in her third year at Wilfred Laurier University; Diana reduced her workweek at the church to two days so she can spend more time with the family; Diana's Mum Peggy turned 89 and is in good health and David has had an extremely fruitful year.

Ministry: David joined the Billy Graham organization of Canada on January 1 and he has had more opportunities to minister than ever to speak at conferences, city wide events and in churches across the nation. We specially rejoice at the many that have begun their walk with Christ this year!

A personal ministry webpage has been created for people wanting to consider David to speak at their chruch or event:

2010: David feels specially honoured to have been asked by the church leaders of the city of Winnipeg to speak at a stadium rally this January when they expect over 5000 people from 15 congregations to join together as a witness to their city. In Vancouver David will do further training in evangelism for Christians from the lower mainland in preparation for the Olympics. As part of Franklin Graham's Rock the River festival out west this summer David has been asked to speak at the Church leaders launch events in Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver. On a personal note in June Diana and David are celebrating their wedding anniversary by taking a bus tour (first time ever) through Hungary, Austria, Germany, Switzerland and the Check Republic.

We wish you a wonder-filled Christmas and a New Year brimming with great expectations of good,

May all the blessings of Psalm 20 be your now and always,

David and Diana Macfarlane
Cell. 519 503 8380

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